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♦ Since 1995 Nancy Hasha Has Built and Directed Teams of Professionals ♦
Nancy steers HD Distribution with vision and energy and controls every critical business procedure. She has an extensive background in corporate management involving strategic planning, marketing strategies, personnel, finance, legal affairs, health care programs, insurances, and accounting. Nancy has always been the foundation of HD Distribution - sustained by her vision and faith - driven by her effective leadership.

♦ January 1, 1995 was the first day of business for HD Distribution, Inc. ♦
Our primary focus has been on parts for the TRAILER end of the Truck Trailer Rig. We sell ALOT of parts for Trailers and Bobtail Bodies. Solid growth - year over year since 1995 - is the result of protecting the best interests of our customers.

♦ What really makes us different is our Depth of Expertise with Lift Gates ♦
Our customers, and even our suppliers have come to appreciate our knowledge and insight. We know from decades of experience how important it is to get your order right the first time. We sell complete gates and any parts you need for maintenance and repair.

♦ We Implemented a Complete Technology Replacement Program in 2014 ♦ New VOIP Phone System (Plus Wifi Coverage)
New Servers
New Workstations
Updated Software and Operating Systems
New CRM Program
New Web Site

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